Update from Whittier Street Health Center Board of Directors

  • July 5, 2018

The Whittier Street Health Center Board of Directors which includes longterm
Whittier patients and Community residents, is pleased to announce that
the Whittier Street Health Center building will be named:
FREDERICA M. WILLIAMS BUILDING in recognition of Whittier’s President &
CEO, Frederica M. Williams

A dedication ceremony will be held later this year.
On August 2nd, 2018 from 5.30 pm to 8.30 pm, the Board of Directors,
President’s Advisory Council, Patient Advisory Council, Friends of Whittier,
Patients, Community Residents, Employees and Donors will host an event to
celebrate Whittier’s 85th Anniversary at our Roxbury 1290 Tremont Street
Whittier Street Health Center serves as a beacon of hope and a community
asset to more than 30,000 patients. Whittier has been transformed from its
humble beginnings as a well-baby health unit founded in 1933 to address high
rates of infant mortality to a comprehensive health and wellness center
focused on providing innovative services dedicated to addressing health
disparities, health equity and social injustices.
Under the leadership of our President & CEO, Frederica M. Williams and
Whittier’s dedicated employees, Whittier is transforming, healing and
empowering the lives of its patients and community residents.

Update from the Whittier Street Health Centers Board of Directors