Adult Healthy Weight / Bariatric Clinic

The Adult Healthy Weight Management/Bariatric clinic at Whittier is an integral part of the Diabetes Clinic and Adult Medicine department. The multi-disciplinary clinical team comprises of physicians, nurse practitioners, nutritionists, behavioral health specialist and a case manager. Every patient referred to the program receives individualized nutrition and weight loss plan and if they choose to have surgery (bariatric) a comprehensive follow-up and tracking of all necessary procedures to “clear” the patient to be able to have the surgery.

Bariatric Services at Whittier:

The bariatric health care team at Whittier Street Health Center offers support to patients seeking surgical weight loss options. We work closely with Brigham and Women’s bariatric program that performs the weight loss surgery. Our team includes a provider champion nurse practitioner, registered dietitian, case manager and behavioral health counselor.

Adult Healthy Weight Services at Whittier:

Families and individuals living in the Roxbury and Dorchester neighborhoods of Boston, which are racially and ethnically diverse communities with limited socioeconomic means, face many additional challenges in the fight against obesity. There are fewer places to get a healthy meal, with local options primarily fast food and/or convenience stores. The higher rates of crime and violence and minimal access to parks and recreational activities in the urban setting, limit outdoor activities. With inadequate access to gyms and indoor activity areas because of economical constraints, physical activity is lacking and compounding the problem with obesity and health. Because of these limitations, Whittier developed a program plan to integrate its medical home model, mental health systems and community resources to form a comprehensive approach to address its patients’ needs surrounding treatment of obesity. In the upcoming months, the team of health care clinicians will offer a group-based setting for the medical management of overweight and obesity.

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