Clinical Services

Geriatrics Services

About 20% of our patients at Whittier Street Health Center are 60 years and above. We have a specially designed program to keep our seniors active, engaged and healthy. Geriatric care services are coordinated by a specially trained Geriatric Case Manager and team members.

Outside regular primary care services, our geriatric patients are offered a wide range of other services including

  • Health Insurance Navigation
  • Colon, Cervical and Breast Cancer Screening (as appropriate)
  • Group Visits and Discussion
  • Walking and Physical Activity Sessions
  • Educational Sessions
  • Cooking and Nutrition Classes
  • Behavioral Health Assessment and Intervention
  • Home Visits
  • Transportation Assistance
  • Medical Supplies Assistance
  • Specialist Referral and Coordination
  • Individual Care Plan and Self-management Goal Setting

For more information, call the Geriatric Case Manager on (617) 989-3011

Fax Number: (617) 989-3054