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Men’s Health Services

The Men’s Health Program is an innovative and comprehensive outreach, education screening, and referral program designed to link men to primary health care and support services offered by the Center. Men across all racial and ethnic groups in Boston are less likely than women to have a primary care provider. These disparities in care lead to further disparities in health and higher rates of chronic diseases for these populations, some of which could be reduced with primary and preventative care services. Objectives of the program are to:

  • Save men’s lives by reducing premature mortality of men and boys.
  • Provide men’s health education to the general population with a particular emphasis on African American and Latino men.
  • Employ a multifaceted approach to community outreach.
  • Foster community organizing among men.
  • Conduct a variety of health screenings for men.
  • Conduct a unique outreach effort and case management services to incarcerated men -pre-release from jails and prisons.
  • Provide case management and follow-up to men receiving services at the Health Center.
  • Identify and enroll uninsured men for health care coverage.
  • Referral and retention at Whittier’s Men’s Health Clinic.
  • Violence prevention focused.
  • Men’s health curriculum to educate men about preventable diseases.
  • Post Prison programs support patients with re-entry and reducing recidivism rates.
  • Focus on family and parenting.

The program also includes a Men’s Health Clinic that is open during hours convenient for men. The department is staffed by male staffs (case management, outreach, education, family planning and screening) and male providers (internists & NP’s).

Whittier also hosts an all day Men’s Health Summit, which attracts 300 – 400 men during National Men’s Health month (June).

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