Clinical Services

Patient Centered Care at Whittier

Whittier Street Health Center utilizes the Patient-Centered Medical Home model of health care delivery to ensure continuity of care. Continuity of care includes ensuring there is a standardized process so that patients have access to their primary care provider (PCP) PCMH team every time they seek care, while also ensuring that the patient understands who their PCP team is and the role of their team related to continuity of care. As new patients join the health center, we are implementing a standardized empanelment process. Some initiatives we are currently undertaking include:

  • Developing educational materials and strategies so that new patients can choose their primary care provider during their first visit (i.e. new patient chooses PCP during initial health benefits meeting by reading bios or patients choose PCP based on website bios).
  • Educating patients on who is on their PCMH team (i.e. physician, NP, nurse, MA, case manager) and who to contact for different needs.
  • Training frontline staff on the different provider panels, members of the care team, and why it is important that patients always see a member from their care team.

Whittier has affiliations and admitting privileges with several hospitals including the Boston Medical Center, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Children’s Hospital Boston, St. Elizabeth Hospital, Carney Hospital and the Brigham and Women’s Hospital. In addition, Whittier has several programs and processes to ensure continuity and continuum of care when patients are accessing services at referral sites. These include:

  • Access to patient charts through network that includes Boston Medical Center and Partners HealthCare Hospitals, including Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Massachusetts General Hospital.
  • Children’s Hospital Boston faxes daily reports to Whittier’s Pediatrics Department for Whittier patient ER visits and visits with specialist.
  • Whittier has a Registered Nurse Case Manager that coordinates care for patients and support for patients who have had an ED visit or inpatient hospitalization.
  • We have Nurse Case Managers that serve as the liaison for our partner hospital’s Emergency Department (ED) and works with them to reduce the unnecessary use of emergency rooms during our hours of operations.
  • Combined, these relationships allow Whittier providers and patient navigators to ensure that care provided to Whittier’s patients both at the center, area hospitals and partnering ┬áhealth care organizations is continuous and coordinated.