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At Whittier we are working to create a culture of wellness in your community by emphasizing prevention and wellness. Our goal is to help you avoid chronic illnesses and health crises that send you to the Emergency Room or result in hospitalization. Because early detection is critical to the effective treatment of most conditions, your team will be sure that you receive all recommended screening. They will also encourage you to make lifestyle changes that will help you to prevent chronic diseases like diabetes and mange the chronic conditions you do have so that you can feel better.

Your team will give you an individualized  Prescription for Health that includes diet and exercise recommendations and referrals to providers and services at Whittier including:

Urgent Care

Our Urgent Care Department is a walk-in clinic located on the first floor. Patients can be seen and treated for injuries such as minor lacerations, sprains, simple fractures, animal bites, and discomforts such as sore throats, ear aches and flu symptoms. In addition, patients can be seen for medical conditions such as asthma attacks, migraines, blood pressure stabilization, and other ailments.

Before you go to an emergency room for a minor medical emergency, call our Urgent Care Department to see if we can treat you first:  (617) 989-3103.

Non-Emergency Walk-In Services

You can walk in and see a nurse any time! During the flu season, you may come in for a flu shot. Other things nurses can help you with include:

  • Medical Advice
  • Vaccination
  • Blood Pressure Check
  • Pregnancy Test
  • STI / STD Test
  • Wound Check & Dressing Changes
  • Ear Cleaning
  • Suture Removal

Post ER Visit/Hospitalization Care

Our High Risk Nurses will follow up with you within 48 business hours after you get out of the hospital to find out what you need and make sure you have prompt follow with your care team. Case Managers, working closely with your team, will refer you to community resources like food pantries and organizations that can help with transportation and durable medical equipment.

While Whittier encourages all patients to follow up with their primary care provider, we provide walk-in care services in our first floor Urgent Care Center.  Any non-emergent problem can be quickly and efficiently assessed and treated in Urgent Care, including muscle sprains and strains, fevers, respiratory infections, skin problems, and asthma. On site x-ray services are available from 9AM to 5PM.  Lab services are available during all clinic hours.

Fax Number: (617) 858-2661


The team of registered dietitians (RD) at Whittier Street Health Center offer comprehensive nutritional assessments and counseling to meet each individual’s nutritional needs. With special attention to maintaining overall health and managing health conditions, such as diabetes and hypertension, the RDs work closely with patients, families and the team of health care providers to develop a personalized nutrition plan for each patient.

Fax Number: (617) 858-2666

Clinical Pharmacy Program

Whittier partners with independently operated pharmacies  located within our clinic buildings. Our Prescription Assistance Program helps eligible patients with prescription co-pays and other costs associated with prescriptions, especially for those with without adequate prescription insurance.

Fax number: (617) 989-3054


The Laboratory Department consists of phlebotomists, medical technologists, and a Clinical Pathologist. In addition to phlebotomy, we offer on site testing and oversee the point of care testing in clinical areas. The Whittier Laboratory is accredited by the Joint Commission (JCAHO).

Fax Number: (617) 989-3095