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Diabetes Care

Diabetes Medical Groups

Our weekly Diabetes Clinic provides care to patients with newly diagnosed or long-standing diabetes.  Patients receive a comprehensive evaluation by our team that includes a physician, case manager, clinical pharmacist and a certified diabetes educator/dietician.   Each patient receives a care plan that includes self- management goals to improve diabetes control and prevent long term complications.

Whittier was the first health center in Boston to offer Diabetes Group Medical Visits in 2003.  In addition to the comprehensive personalized care that is provided in our Diabetes Clinic, more time is spent on teaching and support in a group setting.  Each group includes 8-10 patients and lasts approximately 2 hours. Group visits take the place of individual doctor visits.  Time is reserved at the end of each visit for private consultations if needed.   Patients in our Diabetes Groups have higher levels of satisfaction and improved diabetes control when compared to patients in usual care. Whittier is accredited by the American Diabetes Association as a Center of Excellence for Diabetes Self Management Education.

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