Infectious Disease

Hepatitis C Treatment Program

Our program is staffed by a team of caregivers including an Infectious Disease Specialist, a Nurse and a Case Manager and Health Ambassadors. The treatment program ranges between 8-12 weeks to achieve full cure.

Who should get tested for Hepatitis C?

According to the CDC, testing for Hepatitis C is recommended for the following patients:
  • People who were born between 1945 to 1965;
  • A person who received donated blood or organs before 1992;
  • Anyone who has ever injected drugs, even if it was just once or many years ago;
  • Who have certain medical conditions, such as chronic liver disease, HIV or AIDS;
  • Who have abnormal liver tests or liver disease;
  • Anyone who has been exposed to blood from a person who has Hepatitis C;
  • Persons who are on hemodialysis; and
  • Anyone born to a mother with Hepatitis C.


Our HIV/AIDS Department offers comprehensive programming: outreach, community building, prevention, testing, case management, peer support, and treatment.

Our HIV testing program is extremely easy to access. During clinic hours anyone, whether or not they are currently a Whittier client, can come for a free, confidential, rapid (20 minute) test performed by a peer counselor or community health worker. Counselors reflect the demographics of our patient population.

Our Community Outreach workers also conduct testing using a mobile medical van at homeless shelters, drop-in-centers, and other high risk locations in Boston. Testing sessions include risk reduction counseling, distribution of  free condoms and bleach kits, and referrals to WSHC’s programs and services. We help new patients obtain health insurance coverage.

People who test positive to HIV are immediately linked to a medical case manager who will act as their point-person for coordination of their care for the entirety of the time that they remain a patient at Whittier. These case managers work with the clients on positive prevention, adherence to treatment protocols, housing, HDAP, insurance compliance, and any other issues that come up that compromise their medical care.

Since 2011, Whittier has participated in the National Center for HIV Care in Minority Communities collaborative. The initiative builds capacity to ensure that primary care delivery for patients living with HIV is effective, comprehensive and sustainable within the context of the Patient-Centered Medical Home. We recognize that changes in service delivery will necessitate changes in our model of care for patients living with HIV and we want to ensure a seamless transition so that patients are able to get improved care within the new delivery model.

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