Clinical Services

Women’s Health Services

Whittier has case managers who work to increase prenatal care, preconception screening for domestic violence, and mental health and substance abuse and cancer screenings for our female patient population. In addition, the case managers provide patient navigation and support to any woman with an abnormal breast, colorectal or cervical result. In 2010 Whittier implemented the CenteringPregnancy Program in its OB/GYN Department because of its documented success in improving healthy birth indicators that are particularly poor in Whittier’s community. Several studies have been published regarding the effectiveness of the CenteringPregnancy program for the populations we serve documenting success.

Building on the success of CenteringPregnancy, Whittier implemented a CenteringParenting program in 2012. CenteringParenting™ is a model of care that integrates three major components of care: health assessment, education, and support, into unified care within a group setting. Though very supportive, this is not a support group; well baby care and well woman care are taking place in a group setting. This approach emphasizes the integration of health assessment, education, and support. To integrate these concepts, CenteringParenting™ focuses on continuing positive support by valuing and building on successes within groups started during pregnancy, where patients were part of CenteringPregnancy™. Relationships that develop in prenatal groups support peer-to-peer learning and trust, and they transition well into CenteringParenting™, where parents continue to build on their collective knowledge about caring for their babies.

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