“Everyone is very understanding and friendly, and they make scheduling appointments and visits very easy.”

“The experience with the personnel was great. I don’t speak English, and I always get someone that is very amicable. There is a girl that was like my angel there. I had a good experience. I can’t complain about the personnel to be honest.”

“I like everything about my visits, including the helpful way I get resources and the positive way I have been helped to see things since my therapy started.”

“They help you making you feel secure. They explain well. I feel comfortable with how they work.”

“Everyone is caring and friendly, and they all make you comfortable, and they are easy to talk to.”

“They are quick on everything. They help me out when I went to go. They couldn’t do anything about my insurance. I was able to go downstairs, and they were able to help me. I just couldn’t wait. I didn’t have the time to do it. I could do it there; I don’t have to call the insurance myself. They do all the calling. They are very helpful people.”

“The girls at the desk know us, so when we come to the desk, they greet her by name. The familiarity of going to see someone and them knowing who you are is nice. Also, even if Doctor Hamoda is walking through, if he sees us going to something, he always says hi and uses our names. He is always very cordial, even if he is not seeing us. In the clinic, it is the same way. The people are very friendly, and they acknowledge that they know who you are. When they acknowledge who you are, they acknowledge you by your name, so it’s not like their saying hello to a generic person. They say her name, and that makes you feel better; even though it’s a healthcare center, the people make you feel like you’re in a family.”

“They attend you well and are very friendly. They don’t leave you waiting. When you have health problems, they attend you and give you the best service.”

“Everybody is fair, helpful and easy to talk to. I like the way they carry themselves. They are pretty good with the patients.”

“I have been going to Whittier for about 36 years, and I like their services. It is the only clinic I would ever go to.”

“It is a good center; the staff and the doctors are very nice. They treat patients with respect, and they care for clients and patients. They listen and work with us; they care.”

“The staff that I work with are easy going. They explain everything better, so that I can understand. They give me choices.”

“I have been coming to WSHC for many years, and they have always taken care of me.”

“I like all the services there from the pharmacy to the doctors. Everything is well.”

“I was given food on my last visit.”

“I like everything. I like the gym. Everybody is connected. I do almost everything at Whittier.”

“I like the care that they give you. They are always compassionate and very concerned. If you have any needs, they go out their way to help you with those needs. I also like that Whittier Street has so many different things in the clinic. I basically go for dental, eye care, all the way up to the gym. They basically have everything right there. Everyone knows everything who’s on your team: physical, mental, dental; I love it.”

Dental & Medical

“They know their patients, and they know who comes in. They have a memory of who comes, and they are very nice and friendly about it.”

“I like the way they handle it. I like the way they welcome you. When you get there, people are so fast for me. I’m going for the eye doctor, for the dentist, and I go for the physician; everything is wonderful.”

“I like the attention of the girls who make the appointments. They always make sure everything is okay. For example, I had to have consecutive appointments, and the girls were not sure if they could give them to me. The girls spoke with the doctor, and they made it possible, so they could give me the consecutive appointments. If not, it could have taken two to three months.”

“They have made a lot of changes throughout the year. They are getting more attentive and have better receptionists. The wait is less. They have improved in a lot of areas.”

“They are always paying attention to my daughter dental health. If there is a new finding, they make sure that everything comes out excellent when it comes to her dental health.”

“It’s clean place.”

“They attend you amiably. They are good people. They are human.”

“They attend the kids very well as if they are their children.”

“I like it because there is more stuff there. I love Whittier. They have everything in one spot, including the eye clinic and doctor, and they have a gym downstairs. Some clinics don’t have a gym.”

“After the thirty minutes, I thought it was going to be two hours for the root canal. It wasn’t like that; he finished sooner. I liked that.”

“I’ve been very satisfied with the whole department from the front desk to the actual dentist to doctors that I deal with. I have never been as satisfied with a health center as much as I have been with that dental department; that is the only department I have dealt with at Whittier, so I don’t know how the rest of it is. That dental department is phenomenal.”

“I love how the doctor pays attention to my health. She has done several analyses on me. She keeps me informed of how I am doing. I love her.”

“I liked the service, the care, the bed side manner and the receptionist. Everything is on point with the appointment making; everything was good.”

“I like how I am attended when I go there. All my family goes to Whittier. I have no complaints.”

“They attended me, and I came out satisfied from there.”

“I used an interpreter there; she was very sweet. The treatment I was given was excellent. Also, if my appointment is at ten, then they attend me five minutes prior. That is what I liked.”

“Doctor Chinoy gets me in. I am comfortable with him. My Mass health had chosen a different hospital for me. I didn’t even go. I was rushed to the emergency a few weeks ago from work. They were not able to take me in at Whittier because of the switch. I had to call in to Mass Health and request to have me brought back over to Chinoy, even though I was sick. They took me over to Howard Vanguard, and I refused to be seen there. I just relocated from Georgia two years ago, and since I’ve come, he has been my doctor, my first doctor since being here. I love him. It’s very comfortable.”

“When you don’t know English, you feel happy when they have an interpreter that speaks Spanish.”

“They move very fast; sometimes, they take their time, but I know my child and I are not the only ones there. Sometimes it goes by appointment or people who are there first. They are good. I have been to another clinic, and they are very slow. I am an impatient person. They work faster.”

“I feel that my concerns are heard. I receive the support that I need from the people that work there.”

“I got a quick response. I had blood drawn, and that same afternoon I got a call back with the result. The doctor and the nurse told me what I should do, including follow up appointments. They’ve been on top of things.”

“The attention of everyone was great. At reception, the girl is very friendly. I can communicate in my language. The nurse that attends me and weighs me is nice. They are very cool there.”

“Once I enter, they are very polite at the front desk as well as the nurses and staff. They make you feel at home.”

“The attention the nurse and all the personnel give me when I go is the best. They have very capable personnel.”

“It was a very short visit. It was direct and to the point. Everything was done expeditiously.”

“They put my grinders in, and they are excellent. I like everything because they have all services. That is the reason why I return to Whittier. I moved to Weymouth, and that is why I returned to Jamaica Plain. I said that there is no place like Whittier. Starting from your feet to your head, they have everything, even a gym.”

“The communication and well-mannered nature of everyone are great. Everyone is polite there. I never have a problem when I go there.”

“They always attend you well. Any questions that you have are answered; they always respond well, so you can be satisfied.”

“I was concerned about my legs and joints hurting. He gave me some prescription and vitamins that he recommended that would help me. Also, he recommended exercise and stretches.”

“Making the appointment with the secretary was great. We joked around a lot. You spend the time there relaxed. She is very amicable.”

“The doctor was very professional. Anytime I had a question, she would stop talking, so I could ask her. She always had an answer. She is the best doctor I have ever had.”

“I am a dentist-phobic. It’s not the dentist; it’s the equipment and noises. The doctor makes me feel so good. When she takes care of me, I don’t even feel the needle. She knows I am phobic, and she treats me like gold. She knows I get nervous, and my blood pressure goes up, but the way she treats me and talks to me is excellent.”

“The waiting time was good. The reception was good. The doctor explained everything. While they did the different tests, he explained what they were and asked questions.”

“I feel like I was really informed, and that they were paying attention to me. I felt very well taken care of. It wasn’t like they were writing me off. I felt like they really looked into me and what I needed. I feel good about the health center.”

“I just love Whittier Street, especially the staff and the providers. They are friendly and caring. They know who I am.”

“The punctuality was great. The last times that I have gone I haven’t had to wait long. If the appointment says that it is for 3:30, then they call me at 3:30.”

“They can explain anything to you; you talk to them about it, and they break it down. I am a person who has a hard time understanding things, so I ask a lot of questions, and they give me the answers. I need to hear where it is understandable at my level.”

“The doctor always resolves my issue. If it’s an appointment that I need somewhere else, they send me. They pay attention to everything. They do excellent work there. It is very good.”

“My doctor is very good. I was very sad because of my thyroids. I have never been a sick person. She advised me to see a counselor. The counselor gave me good advice, and that motivated me.”

“When you go, they give you lots of attention. When you go with a medical problem, they solve it quickly. The appointment is fast.”

“Everything was on time. Timing was very good. I didn’t have too long of a wait. Sometimes you have a long wait if doctor has a lot of patients, but somedays you know you get lucky, and this appointment was one of those.”

“I have not had any complaints. I have been pleased with the work that has been done on my teeth. Doctor Nurulla is one of the best doctors there. They are working with me on the payment plans. I am getting work done that I must pay out of pocket, but I am paying it with a plan. I like that they are giving me appointments not so far out.”

“They are friendly, and it is a community atmosphere. They are talking about your health. They encourage you to go to the gym and have good nutrition. Also, they want you to have a good life style. I even saw some posters, and they are trying to help people that have been abused in their marriages and offer help in dealing with children. On Halloween, I noticed that there was a program for the children. There was also a protest by the women; they wore high heels to protest violence against women. I was excited; it wasn’t just about the hospital but the total care of the human being.”

“The doctor was concerned and asked about my daughter s development in the house, in school and her physical abilities. She also asked about her emotional state. She was advising me about all those topics. She gave me a flyer that gives you information about housing and food.”

“Whatever question I need to have answered, they are usually prompt and engaged. They know what they are talking about. I don’t feel uncomfortable. I have been at Whittier for a long time before they were even where they are now. It’s improved so much, since they have had this new facility. I really love Whitter Street. They are good; they know what they are doing. If I ever felt like I had an issue in the past where something wasn’t being done fast enough or I didn’t get a word back, then I would call, and there is usually somebody there who is going to pair me with somebody that can answer my question. That is what I love about them.”

“When I went into reception, the person was very efficient. When I had the visit with the doctor, the question was answered adequately and efficiently. The doctor was very personalized and very nice on how he treats patients.”

“The friendliness and the attention that they treat you with is great. The doctor recently was excellent. She is a doctor of wonderful human conditions.”

“The treatment that you get from the whole center is great. For example, their security makes you feel welcome when you walk in.”

“I like the clinic because they always attend you well. I have never had an inconvenience, and the attention given from those who work there is very good. They are very attentive to the patients.”

“I felt I was with family. The assistants and secretary answered my questions with love. They had patience with me. They were very loveable. I loved going.”

“It’s good because they don’t make you wait too long. They are amicable. They are considerate. If you get there late, they normally try everything possible to attend you.”

A note about Whittier and COVID-19

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak in our area, we ask all clients and patients to call ahead before coming to any of our sites. We are working to take care of most clients/patients via phone/video encounter so we can meet your ongoing healthcare needs. This is for your safety and so we can provide the highest quality of care to you while following CDC guidance for COVID-19. Please call 617-427-1000 for any questions or concerns.

Whittier will provide COVID-19 testing from 10 am to 4 pm on Monday to Friday. Following CDC guidance, we recommend testing if you have a fever AND one of the following three symptoms: cough OR shortness of breath OR sore throat. Please bring your picture identification and your insurance card (if you have insurance).