Statement from Frederica M. Williams CEO, Whittier Street Health Center

  • June 18, 2018

As you are aware, Whittier Street Health Center is projecting a financial loss of $1.2 million and recently heard some disappointing news that it would not receive two major grants totaling more than $600,000.  The hope was these funds could minimize the current deficit.

The substantial deficit for the health center and shrinking funding opportunities to close the growing financial gap are major challenges for an organization our size. Therefore, as the CEO, I took immediate steps to try to stabilize our financial future, which unfortunately included the elimination of some positions on our care team.

This was the hardest decision to make. Our patients are our priority and we always want to provide them with the best care possible to meet their needs.

Over the weekend, I heard from a concerned Mayor Walsh that he wanted to help.

Thanks to the Mayor’s leadership and guidance and support from others, we have a pathway forward that will put Whittier on a stable financial footing for now.

This news also means that those positions that would have been eliminated will be saved.

However, what we have learned in this process is that we need to review all our programs and staffing to ensure we are properly sized to deliver the best care possible to our community today and into the future.