Special Thanks to You from Frederica M. Williams President and CEO

  • June 17, 2016

On June 7th, 2016, the Women for Whittier held its annual Summer Tea event at the Boston Park Plaza Hotel. The W4W was formed with the goal of engaging women who are committed to eliminating health and social disparities among women and children in the communities served by Whittier. Each tea event focuses on a health or social issue that impact women and children. At this tea, the topic discussed was economic and social issues and how they impact the health of women and children


Frederica M. Williams, President and CEO shared highlights of challenges women face in the workplace, moving up the corporate or professional ladder and the low representation of women on corporate boards. She stated a fact we all know, that women earn less than men even though they may have more education. She also shared the following statistics which impact all women especially the low income women served by Whittier: 80% of single parent families are headed by women, women are more likely to be unemployed during a recession, women are more likely to be laid off when companies downsize and more women than men work low-wage, part-time jobs. According to a survey by the Gallup for, Women in America today are most concerned about money issues, their families, their health and the problems of time management.

Also at the event, Melissa M. MacDonnell, President of Liberty Mutual Foundation and Vice President, Liberty Mutual Insurance was presented with the 2016 W4W Champion. Melissa has been a champion for programs that provide accessibility for individuals of all abilities; security for women, men and children who are homeless; and education opportunities for children living in poverty. In accepting the award Melissa delivered a profound speech sharing gratitude toward those who have positively impacted her career and Liberty’s commitment to the community including Chairman, President & CEO of Liberty Mutual Insurance, David Long, former Chairman, President & CEO Ted Kelly, her family, colleagues and mentors. She also shared her long partnership with Whittier and its incredible vision, mission and impact as a beacon of hope for thousands in Boston. She paraphrased the poet, Richard Wilbur, when referring to, “our neighbors who are dying of thirst at the fountain side”, and commended Whittier for its leadership, compassion and dedication in ensuring all of its neighbors have the access, resources and tools to transform, empower and save lives.

The event keynote speaker was Carolyn Jones, Market President of the Boston Business Journal. She also shared her insights on the issues of women and work and life balance, career aspirations, mentoring and champions of support. Carolyn addressed some of the issues highlighted in Frederica’s opening remarks and shared some of her opportunities and challenges as she progressed in her career. Other speakers at the event including W4W Founding members: Colette Phillips, President & CEO of Colette Phillips Communications and Sonja Kelly, Managing Director of Kelly Family Foundation.

The W4W would like to extend deep gratitude to all in attendance and the sponsors of the event: Liberty Mutual Insurance, Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Colette Phillips Communications, Mass League of Community Health Centers, and UTCA.


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For more pictures of the Tea, please view this slide show.


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Frederica M. Williams

President and CEO

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