Cervical Cancer Awareness Month

  • January 10, 2024

As we observe Cervical Cancer Awareness Month in January, the urgency to spread awareness about early detection intensifies, as it remains pivotal in preventing and treating this disease.

Once a leading cause of cancer-related deaths among women in the United States, the impact of cervical cancer has significantly diminished due to effective screening and prompt treatment. However, according to the National Cancer Institute, approximately 13,960 women in the U.S. were diagnosed with cervical cancer last year, resulting in over 4,310 lives lost.

Cervical cancer is a disease where cancer cells occur in the cervix, which connects the uterus to the vagina. There are usually no signs or symptoms of early cervical cancer, but it can be detected – even at the earliest stages – with regular check-ups, including Pap and Human papillomavirus (HPV) tests.

Regular Pap tests can catch the disease at the precancerous stage. The medical community recommends that women begin screening with this test at the age of 21 with follow-up screenings every three years.

HPV, a sexually transmitted disease, is the predominant cause of cervical cancer. In cases of HPV infection, abnormal cells develop in the uterine lining if not caught in the early stages. Combining HPV testing with a Pap test provides an additional layer of security and prevention. Notably, vaccines approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration(FDA) offer effective protection against the HPV virus.

While discussions about sensitive topics like sexually transmitted diseases may be uncomfortable, it’s important to seek proper medical advice and treatment. Early detection of cervical cancer, a highly treatable condition, can be a lifesaving measure when prioritizing one’s health.

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