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Fruit and Veggies—More Matters Month

Fruit and Veggies—More Matters Month  by Mallory Shan, RD   Fruits and veggies are two of the five food groups in MyPlate; necessary for a healthy diet. Yet, according to a study done by the Better Health Foundation, fruits and vegetable consumption in America has declined 7% from 2009 to 2015! To meet the USDA […]


A note about Whittier and COVID-19

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak in our area, we ask all clients and patients to call ahead before coming to any of our sites. We are working to take care of most clients/patients via phone/video encounter so we can meet your ongoing healthcare needs. This is for your safety and so we can provide the highest quality of care to you while following CDC guidance for COVID-19. Please call 617-427-1000 for any questions or concerns.

Whittier will provide COVID-19 testing from 10 am to 4 pm on Monday to Friday. Following CDC guidance, we recommend testing if you have a fever AND one of the following three symptoms: cough OR shortness of breath OR sore throat. Please bring your picture identification and your insurance card (if you have insurance).