National Brain and Alzheimer’s Awareness Month

  • June 6, 2024

June is National Brain and Alzheimer’s Awareness Month. This month plays a crucial role in spreading awareness about Alzheimer’s and other dementias. Additionally, it encourages people to engage with those suffering from these diseases, who often feel isolated from society. Finally, it promotes research efforts to find a cure for Alzheimer’s.

To recognize this month, Whittier wants to provide you with facts and health tips to improve awareness about brain health and disease.

Did you know (Alzheimer’s Association & CDC):

  • Alzheimer’s disease is one of the top 10 leading causes of death in the United States
  • An estimated 6.9 million people in the United States are living with Alzheimer’s and other dementias.
  • In 2024 about 1 in 9 people (10.9%) age 65 and older has Alzheimer’s dementia
  • Of the 6.9 million people age 65 and older with Alzheimer’s dementia in the United States, 4.2 million are women and 2.7 million are men.

Fortunately, there are healthy habits you can adopt to maximize brain and body health (CDC):

  1. Exercise regularly.
  2. Engage in continual formal education or reading.
  3. Quit smoking.
  4. Avoid or prevent head injuries.
  5. Eat a healthy and balanced diet.
  6. Get enough sleep.
  7. Participate in social activities.

Whittier offers social services to promote the well-being of older adults. Club 1290 is a peer-led older adult group conducted on-site at the Whittier Street Health Center. Its members range in age from 60 to 97. The group aims to minimize experiences of loneliness, depression, boredom, and isolation, while also promoting self-care and providing participants with needed respite from caregiving. Club 1290 gives seniors a reason to leave the house and interact with people who share their interests, concerns, and sometimes, infirmities. Group sessions provide health, fitness, and resources addressing social determinants of health and other identified needs.

For more information about Club 1290, please call (617) 989-3212.

A note about Whittier and COVID-19

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak in our area, we ask all clients and patients to call ahead before coming to any of our sites. We are working to take care of most clients/patients via phone/video encounter so we can meet your ongoing healthcare needs. This is for your safety and so we can provide the highest quality of care to you while following CDC guidance for COVID-19. Please call 617-427-1000 for any questions or concerns.

Whittier will provide COVID-19 testing from 10 am to 4 pm on Monday to Friday. Following CDC guidance, we recommend testing if you have a fever AND one of the following three symptoms: cough OR shortness of breath OR sore throat. Please bring your picture identification and your insurance card (if you have insurance).