Take Steps Toward Health and Well-Being During National Physical Fitness & Sports Month

  • May 2, 2023

Take Steps Toward Health and Well-Being During National Physical Fitness & Sports Month

Designated in 1983 by the President’s Council on Fitness, May is the official National Physical Fitness & Sports Month – and what better time of the year than spring to celebrate and promote physical activity and the benefits of sports participation!

Physical activity is central to maintaining health and well-being, with far-reaching benefits that include improved fitness, reduced risk for many chronic diseases, stress reduction, and decreased symptoms of anxiety and depression. In addition to fitness advantages, youth sports can help children and teenagers become more active and develop communication, relationship, and leadership skills.

Whittier Street Health Center has long championed fitness as a direct link to good health and overall well-being. In June of 2015 we opened our Wellness Institute to address high rates of obesity and chronic illnesses in our community. Our Wellness Institute provides individual fitness training, nutrition counseling, exercise classes, and stress reduction activities, in addition to sessions with a Life Coach – all in a concerted effort to promote a culture of wellness and assist patients and community residents in changing their lifestyles for the better.

Our full-service Fitness Center, located on the first floor of our Tremont Street building in Roxbury, is open to everyone – patients, community residents, and health center employees. With more than 6,000 square feet dedicated to health, wellness and physical activity, the Fitness Center is equipped with treadmills, elliptical equipment, weight machines, free weights, fitness bikes, and a room where classes for Zumba, yoga, and aerobics are held.

Race Around Roxbury is yet another proactive measure we take to stem the tide of childhood obesity. The after school nutrition and exercise program serves our young patients ages 6-14 who have been referred by their care team. The popular program runs twice weekly and includes a 45-minute fun physical activity.

“Physical activity not only improves and maintains fitness, reduces the risk of many illnesses, and eases anxiety, it is also a key to overall well-being,” according to Ashley Baril, Wellness and Fitness Center Manager at Whittier Street Health Center. “Small changes over time can equate to large improvements. We’re here for our patients and community members who are ready to take a step toward a healthier direction.”

For registration or questions about the Whittier Wellness and Fitness Center, please email

A note about Whittier and COVID-19

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak in our area, we ask all clients and patients to call ahead before coming to any of our sites. We are working to take care of most clients/patients via phone/video encounter so we can meet your ongoing healthcare needs. This is for your safety and so we can provide the highest quality of care to you while following CDC guidance for COVID-19. Please call 617-427-1000 for any questions or concerns.

Whittier will provide COVID-19 testing from 10 am to 4 pm on Monday to Friday. Following CDC guidance, we recommend testing if you have a fever AND one of the following three symptoms: cough OR shortness of breath OR sore throat. Please bring your picture identification and your insurance card (if you have insurance).